Sensual Waist Beads

Amara (Grace) The Princess


Image of Amara (Grace) The Princess

Amara (Grace) The Princess

Amara is graceful, classy and pure in heart. She is about new beginnings and won’t let her past get in the way. She is curious and gives everything her very best. She is very intelligent and has this ‘innocent’ aura but you know she has some experience. She loves to love.

Sparkling white glass beads in perfect sync with turquoise and pink crystals with our unique combination of love gemstones.

Wear Amara because you are beautiful, classy and sophisticated. You are an embodiment of grace. You love yourself enough to attract all that is good and walk away from anything that isn’t good for your body, mind and soul. You will always be that new wine, having new beginnings and discarding all that isn’t for you. Nothing will make you stop believing in your amazing self.