Sensual Waist Beads

Aküdo (Wealth & Peace) The Diva


Image of Aküdo (Wealth & Peace) The Diva

Aküdo (Wealth & Peace) The Diva

Aküdo turns heads wherever she goes. She is not your average girl. She works hard and plays even harder. She gets what she wants and doesn’t apologise for her rather expensive tastes. She is striking so doesn’t need to seek attention. She loves her own company.

Yellow gold glass beads in harmony with champagne and green crystals with Goldstone and our signature love gemstones combination.

Wear Aküdo because you deserve all the good stuff that this world has to give. You work hard and success is sure. You are amazing so you deserve every good thing life blesses you with. You don’t settle for less and you shouldn’t. You are beautiful and even though you know you deserve all the gifts you get, you will not be bought with money. You are priceless.